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Mila Zhurova
Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to my site!
I appreciate your interest and will tell you a bit about me: I am Mila Zhurova, the founder and ideologist of Mila Zhurova Concept Agency. I have been promoting premium and deluxe goods and services by means of event marketing for the last 15 years. That is I assist companies, which play or strive to play a significant role in the luxury market, reach their target audience.
About Me
! I organize my events as edutainment (education + entertainment) which in my case means integration of the informative content into social event patterns.

! My unique selling proposition is guest management, that is I guarantee that my customers (luxury brands) target audiences will attend my events.

! My peculiar expertise consists in special integration of partners brand into the event script which contributes to solving their business tasks.
I graduated from two universities:

Karamzin Kharkov State University, Department of Economics;

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Psychology, specialization in Social Psychology;

International University Of Monaco, Course in Luxury Management, Brand Management, Event Marketing. International Certificate.

My own brand and agency exist since 2015.
I lectured on Luxury Marketing in the Institute of Art Business and Antiques..
I've been operating in the luxury brands promotion market since 2004.
In 2018 I implemented 16 events, among them:
3 intellectual games with Mr Maxim Potashov;;

1 jewelry art cocktail;

1 immersive exchange party

Magnificent magazine birthday;

Summer open-air show Opera 5 Element;

Elegant Dolce Vita Cocktail;

Participation in opening of a Swiss bank representative office;

Spring Art Supper with Dali and Warhol;

2 events dedicated to sea –
Multimedia show New Reality. The Time of Water
and marine art cocktail with paintings by Aivazovsky from private collections;

«usiness cocktail focused on taxation;

Assistance in organization of Russian Art & Antique Fair (RA&AF);

Participation in jewelry Piaget cocktail as an invited speaker.

16 events in 9 months.

Over 1500 people attended my events in 2018, most of them more than once.

8 companies became my repeaters, i.e. they were partners of my events two or more times.
Total for 2018:
Sport etc.:

«icycle, alpine skiing, wind surfing, swimming, kundalini yoga, vocal

Culture and Education:

Psychology of elites, theater, luxury marketing, travels with intention.
I study technologies of luxury goods sales, trends of demand and how it is affected by new elites.

I studied in Moscow Radio and TV School to be a TV host.
Now I am preparing my own program based on one of my projects.

Более 1500 человек посетили мои события в 2018, большинство из них повторно.

8 компаний стали моими repeaters,
то есть повторно становились партнерами моих мероприятий 2 и более раз.
My Hobbies and Interests:
Society Life – Working Moments
I will appreciate all your questions and will do my best to answer you!
+7 (926) 631 93 74