Mila Zhurova conсept agency
Conceptual event agency which specializes in promotion of luxury goods and services by means of event marketing tools.

Organization of unique event pattern which helps partner promote his goods or services among his target audience and enlarge database of potential customers from high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) segments.

Development of strategy for further interaction between the partner and the target audience.
Guest management:
Selection of premium target audience which corresponds to business tasks of the partner, event subject and category of goods or services to be presented.
Submission of prospective guest lists for partner approval.
Provision of TA database after the event (upon agreement).

Individual approach to solving business tasks of each specific partner – development of individual concept for the event taking into account particular company features.

Collaboration with all contractors including search for barter cooperation schemes for the project.

Integration of rare works of art from private collections (if needed).

Segmentation of invited guest database based on criteria of partner TA selection.

Benefits of Work With Us:
Submission of guest lists with statuses for approval by principal customer.

Development of strategy for communication between the customer company and guests of the event during and after the event.


Selection of complementary partners from luxury market to achieve synergy effect and to minimize project expenses for the principal customer.
Our Customers and Partners:
One&Only, Maserati (Mercury), Neskuchny home&spa residential quarters, Jaguar Land Rover Russia, Rolls-Royce, Maison Dellos, Autospeccenter, RZD Tour, Richmont Group (Panerai), Grace Fur House, RCCA – rally club of classical automobiles, Triumph Palace Clinic of Cosmetology and Plastic, BCS Ultima, Institute of Art Business and Antiques, Smirnov Mansion in Tverskoy Boulevard, Aston Martin, Three Centuries Private Art Gallery, Barkli, Flight Contemporary Art Gallery, JM Jewelry House, KR Properties, General Invest, Dubai Pearl Bentley Moscow, BMW Balt Auto Trade, Leviev Diamonds and other respectable participants of luxury and premium services market.
Comments of Customers:
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