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Psychology of genius
Public Talk Cocktail about the psychological background and features of creating masterpieces with Yegor Altman
At the St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya
January 31, 2022 at the St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya, one of the most respectable hotels in Moscow, the club "Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0" opened the 2022 season with a unique event dedicated to art, geniuses and psychological foundations and prerequisites for creating great masterpieces in art.

Yegor Altman, a legendary figure in the art market, a businessman, producer, art dealer, collector, author of art projects in the field of contemporary art, one of the founders of the Business FM radio station, acted as an invited speaker and expert in the field of art. Founder and owner of the AltCommunicationGroup group of companies (AltComGroup communication agency, Altmans Gallery international network of galleries). #altmansgallery

At our evening, together with Egor Altman, we discussed the connection between the psychological theories of Sigmund Freud and the life and work of prominent artists of the Renaissance and the 20th century.

Ideas about dreams, the theory of neuroses and other postulates of Freudianism were considered on the examples of the works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci and other masters.

The club's event also featured a small exposition of masterpieces from the Altmans Gallery, among which the guests were presented with works by Pablo Picasso and Francisco Goya.

An aesthetic surprise for the members of the club and their friends was the performance of the luxurious, talented jazz singer Alla Reed.

Alcoholic company Fortwine presented the French cognac Marancheville Grand Champagne Premier Cru, which appeared in Russia just a week ago, as well as other strong rarities, which created a special enographic mood for guests - connoisseurs of rare drinks with history.

The partners of the event were:

- К+31 – a network of premium K + 31 clinics, which occupy a leading position in Moscow medicine. The luckiest guest of the K+31 evening was given a special gift certificate, thanks to which you can pass a check-up - a comprehensive health examination at K+31. @k31_clinic. #clinic31

- The investment company "Freedom Finance" Russia is the only broker in Russia whose own shares are traded on the US stock exchange Nasdaq. The company provides a full range of brokerage services for its clients and is a recognized expert in the US and Russian stock markets.

- Maserati Moscow is the first official Maserati dealer in Russia, representing the cars of the legendary brand for the last 15 years. Especially for the club evening, Maserati Moscow presented the Levante GT Hybrid, the first electrified SUV in the history of Maserati, to the guests.

- St. Regis Nikolskaya Moscow is a legendary hotel with a rich history, a place of refined aesthetes and passionate connoisseurs of beauty, the hotel is located in a complex of historical buildings in the very heart of Moscow, within walking distance from Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater and other sights of the capital. #liveexquisite #stregis

- The Vladimir Novikov Center for Personal Dentistry, a permanent partner of the Heirs of the 21st Century club, presented the lucky-testing winner with a gift certificate for a very modern and innovative study - a smile genetic test.

- The five-star Maldives premium resort JOALI Maldives, located on the picturesque island of Muravandhoo in Raa Atoll, is a harmonious combination of author's design, luxurious SPA center, excellent restaurants and a unique collection of works of art and special art objects. This collection distinguishes the resort from other luxury projects, which was demonstrated to the guests of the evening.

#Joali #joalimaldives #joalimoments #joyofliving


Expert Lounge Cocktails - small club events for a select 30-50 people, members of the Club and their friends, take place about once or twice a month in our favorite Public Talk format with guest speakers and cover topics related to the overall concept of the Club "Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0".

Club project "Heirs of the XXI century. Version 3.0", which opened on April 22, 2019, consists of 10-12 events per year and is a closed community that brings together people with a conscious approach to building their own dynasty within the framework of the New Culture of Inheritance and the new generation of Inheritors in modern Russia.

The author of the idea and curator of the project is Mila Zhurova.

Event organizer - Mila Zhurova Concept Agency.

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