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An Open Forum with Alexey Nechaev

Venue: the Kelia business lounge on Vozdvizhenka
On October 24, 2022, the brightest and most emotionally intense business event of the Club "Heirs of the 21st Century. Version 3.0" took place at the Kelia business lounge on Vozdvizhenka. The guest speaker that evening was Alexey Nechaev.

Alexey Nechaev is the leader of the New People party, and founder of Faberlic.

Alexey graduated from the M. V. Lomonosov Faculty of Law at Moscow State University. He has been in business for over 20 years.

In 1997 he created the research and production company "Russian Line". In 2001 the company was renamed Faberlic.

In 2010, he participated in the creation of the interregional environmental public organization "ECA Movement". Its personnel planted more than 10 million trees in regions affected by forest fires.

In 2012, Alexey founded the "Captains" charitable foundation for supporting educational programs. He created the "Captains" Faculty of Business at the Plekhanov Russian Economic University, plus faculties and educational departments in 15 other universities across the country.

He has been the founder and chairman of the New People political party since 2020. Following the results of the 2021 parliamentary elections, the New People party entered the State Duma of the Russian Federation, receiving 15 deputy mandates. Alexey Nechaev was elected head of the New People party.

During the evening, we discussed what people currently pass on by inheritance, how to pass on an idea by inheritance, how your students and followers can become your heirs and how legacies are affected by global events, and much more.

The partners were:

· The Vladimir Novikov Centre of Personal Dentistry – premium dentistry for adults and children. The expert-level clinic operates in three main areas: dentistry, osteopathy and rehabilitation.

· The Fortwine company provided exclusive premium drinks for the evening: Merchant cask whiskey Blackadder, 61.8% alcohol – a limited edition of only 230 bottles in the world, Martin Millers – one of the finest and smoothest gins in the world, which is equally quaffable either with or without tonic, plus a very pleasant, sweet, Danish rum; AHRiise Danish Navy, which also went down well with the guests during the evening.