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Fundamentals of longevity. Biohacking as a key to unlocking human superpowers
At the QuintEssense Resource Center
June 21, 2021 club "Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0" opened a cycle of club events dedicated to the theme of HEALTH AND LONGEVITY.

We now live in a unique time when the duration and quality of life, with the right approach and the right knowledge, can be significantly increased and improved.

Looking 15-20 years younger and getting away from being tied to your chronological age is what is now a real trend among successful and successful people.

And biohacking as a personalized system for managing health, energy, longevity, gives us tools to manage our quality of life.

We learned how cellular regeneration affects the preservation of youth, how superintelligence and brain biohacking are connected, and how to strengthen the work of consciousness in order to avoid all diseases of late age.

The human body, which is a self-healing system, if properly used, will help each of us pass on quality biological capital through inheritance, which is undoubtedly the most important factor in laying the foundation of a future dynasty.

The main speaker, who extensively introduced the topic of biohacking to the guests of the evening, was Nikita Metelitsa, the founder of the Russian Institute of Biohacking and Health and an expert on federal TV channels of the Russian Federation and the media (NTV, TVC, MIR, ROSSIYA, ROSSIYA 24, etc.) He is a member of the presidium of the "Association of Social Companions of the President of Russia", has introduced more than 100,000 people to the health system, trains doctors, health coaches, nutritionists, a serial entrepreneur, the best VEG blogger of 2020.

The event took place in the unique location of QuintesSense - the center of the resource state, which harmoniously presents the combination of innovative technologies with ancient practices used for millennia. The synergy of technologies and traditional methods helps to work with the resource state as efficiently as possible. QuintesSense features devices used in the best spas, yoga and meditation studios, corporate stress relief centers in the US, Europe and Asia.

Throughout the evening, guests were immersed in an atmosphere of health and resourcefulness with the help of vegetarian catering, smoothie cocktails and the Oxygen Bar, which activates all the body's defense systems.

Also partners of Expert Lounge №14 are:

- Vladimir Novikov Dental Clinic on Ostozhenka - Premium dentistry for adults and children. An expert-level clinic that operates in three main areas: dentistry, osteopathy and rehabilitation. As part of the Public Talk, Vladimir Novikov told the guests of the evening about how human health is directly related to dental health and osteopathy, and how many health problems can be prevented with the right timely measures.
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- Immigrant Invest Law Company is a licensed agent of state investment programs for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship by investment in Europe, the Caribbean and Vanuatu. Immigrant Invest works only with government programs in the EU and the Caribbean and is licensed under all of the proposed Citizenship by Investment Programs that require licensing (Malta, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Vanuatu ).

- The first and only retreat in the Maldives with the concept of personal transformation and unity with nature, JOALI BEING, which offers personalized programs for reboot and relaxation, as a result of which guests will feel a surge of vitality and an incredible sense of lightness and harmony. The retreat offers unique spaces throughout the tropical island where experienced therapists and wellbeing experts help balance mind and body through a variety of therapies with a focus on Ayurveda and alternative medicine. #Joalibeing

- Clinic of aesthetic medicine Olga Moroz @morozolga_beauty, works on unique author's patented methods of drainage mesotherapy, which contribute to vascular healing of the face and body, a pronounced anti-age effect, getting rid of puffiness and prolonging natural youth and beautiful longevity.

- Vividi light water is a unique deuterium-reduced water that improves cellular respiration, starts energy processes in mitochondria, which directly affects health, youth, beauty and longevity.


Expert Lounge Cocktails - small club events for a select 30-50 people, members of the Club and their friends, take place about once or twice a month in our favorite Public Talk format with guest speakers and cover topics related to the overall concept of the Club "Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0".

Club project "Heirs of the XXI century. Version 3.0", which opened on April 22, 2019, consists of 10-12 events per year and is a closed community that brings together people with a conscious approach to building their own dynasty within the framework of the New Culture of Inheritance and the new generation of Inheritors in modern Russia.

The author of the idea and curator of the project is Mila Zhurova.

Event organizer - Mila Zhurova Concept Agency.