Mila Zhurova conсept agency
On May 31 Moscow Imperial River Yacht Club housed elegant Fine Art Cocktail named Dolce Vita 5D for the 20th anniversary of the Expensive Pastime magazine.
Dolce Vita in 5D is multidimensional immersion into Dolce Vita of legendary 1950s. The event featured an exhibition of photographs by the first Italian cult photographer Marcello Geppetti who started the epoch of paparazzi and chase for sensations.

It was Marcello who inspired Federico Fellini to create the character of Paparazzi in the cult Dolce Vita movie.

The Dolce Vita exhibition combined all the best from the golden age of cinematograph and the most flamboyant parties of that period. Photographs were divided into two directions – Day Life of celebrities and Night Life.

Belcanto foundation presented incredibly sensual performance from pieces by Nino Rota (composer for Fellini's Dolce Vita) and his contemporaries played by a pianist and a saxophone quartet, accompanied by images from the great film.

The guests learned how dolce vita smells from Prozorini Perfume House which arranged marvelous adventure with blind fragrance tasting.

Buffet in the Federico Fellini's Dolce Vita style and Cocktail party from Simple company and Onegin vodka which presented legendary Italian cocktails with their history added to the 5D Dolce Vita pattern.

The event was supported by friends and partners of the Expensive Pastime magazine and Mila Zhurova Concept Agency, namely:

- AVRORACLINIC - the first and the only Russian clinic accredited by The Leading Dental Centers of the World..

- BMW Advance-Auto – official BMW dealer in Kievsky highway which presented new BMW 7 series which is flagship model of the BMW brand.

- Rose Chalet premium complex which is the ideal location for winter and summer holidays at the height of 1200 meters above sea level.

- Expobank Premier – reliable financial partner providing intellectual solutions for business. A unique car service "for girls only" was presented at the event.

- Red October which presented a unique developer's project with collection of residences in Bolotny Island which will soon become a bright spot at the map of the most expensive residential real estate in Moscow.

- Onegin vodka and Simple company – they treated guests to incredible cocktails each of which had its peculiar history.

At the end of the event each guest took away the jubilee issue of the Expensive Pastime magazine and all tastes, impressions and fragrances of Dolce Vita.