Mila Zhurova conсept agency
Venue: Private penthouse on Volkhonka. Secret societies and orders.
Open Forum Cocktail Event with Batyr Ainabekov

On February 19, 2020, in a private penthouse on Volkhonka Street, the club project "Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0" continued the tradition of closed chamber evenings, for a very select circle of guests, by holding the Expert Lounge Cocktail Party No. 2 – dedicated to the theme of Secret Societies, Orders and Masons.

The invited speaker was a guest from London – Batyr Ainabekov, founder and speaker of the London educational club "Noble&Curious", a graduate of the M. V. Lomonosov Faculty of History, Moscow State University, and a specialist in the History and Art of the Middle Ages.

We talked about the most famous and mysterious societies of the past and present and touched upon the secrets of the Masons and Illuminati, the Templars, the Skull and Bones society and many others. Secret, mystical, extinct and forbidden communities and brotherhoods became the topic of discussion this evening.

The event was supported by Chivas Regal. The guests were treated to a variety of mystical, experimental CHIVAS REGAL cocktails – completely in the spirit of the secret societies of the past.

The partner sponsor of the evening was the Swiss management company Blackfort Capital AG.
Expert Lounge Cocktails is a series of small club events, provided for a select group of 30-35 guests, club members and their friends, that is held approximately once a month (in our favourite Open Forum format) with invited speakers, and covers topics related to the general concept of the club "Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0".

The club project "Heirs of the XXI century. Version 3.0", which was launched on April 22, 2019, consisted of 8-9 large events in 2020 and is a closed community of representatives brought together from successful Russian business dynasties.

The author of the idea and curator of the project is Mila Zhurova.

The organizer of the event is the Mila Zhurova Concept Agency.