Mila Zhurova conсept agency
Art Cocktail Jewels in Art in Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds Jewelry House
On February 20, 2018 Mila Zhurova Concept Agency and Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds conducted an elegant art cocktail Jewels in Art.
Pictures by contemporary Korean artist Chong-il WOO from private collections were presented to guests of the event amid rare gems and unique jewels from Leviev Jewelry House. The ptctures were made of precious and semiprecious stones in the form of digital collage. There are no similar works in the world.

The event came to its climax during the unique lecture by Andrey Martynov, the connoisseur and expert on Oriental art, curator and collector. The guests learned about the role played jewels in art which was illustrated by rare pictures of the Korean artist.

Especially lucky guests left with gifts from Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds and even more lucky ones bought jewels themselves.