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Legal basis of inheritance
In the concept boutique St. James
Public Talk Cocktail dedicated to the institution of inheritance in modern Russia
On September 15, 2021, in the St-James multi-brand boutique, which is comfortably located on Stoleshnikov Lane, the Heirs of the 21st Century. Version 3.0" opened the autumn-winter business season 2021 with the 32nd event and dedicated it to the most important and sensitive topic - the topic of inheritance.

When we think about how to create our own Dynasty, and look into the future 50-100 years ahead, the thought of what and how we will leave to future generations launches a whole series of questions.

Inheritance is one of the oldest legal institutions that accompanies any socio-economic formation, since sooner or later every person becomes an heir, receiving bequeathed or legally transferred property, and a testator.

The main topic of the legal aspects of inheritance was revealed by the partner and guest speaker of the evening - Elena Boytsova.

Elena Boytsova - Chairman of the Moscow City Bar Association "Center for Legal Expertise", Head of Wealthy Client Practice at Boytsova Private Family Lawyers, Doctor of Civil Law, Honored Advocate, federal media expert, author of books.

Elena in an easy and elegant manner shared with the guests the secrets and intricacies of inheritance, after which each guest received a book "Heritage Stories. A book for caring testators and thoughtful heirs" signed by the author.

The topic was continued by the second speaker of Expert lounge 15 Galina Gulevskaya who shared her expertise in matters of capital preservation and succession.

Galina Gulevskaya is Head of Sales Development at Civ Life Insurance Company, Citibank's exclusive partner in the Russian market.

More than 15 years of experience in the banco-insurance sector. She is a high-level expert in the field of life insurance in Russia and abroad.

Galina has a successful experience of working with VIP clients in terms of selecting individual solutions for them and provides advice in the field of insurance, targeting and capital protection.

The whole evening the guests received not only an intellectual experience, but also an enogastronomic one.

On the first floor of the boutique, there was a wine casino from the LPriority company, and on the second floor, guests tasted strong drinks with history.

The partners of the event were also:

- Citibank and the Citigold Premium Customer Service Program. AO Citibank is part of Citi, a leading global financial corporation with over 200 years of history serving over 200 million customer accounts and operating in over 160 countries and jurisdictions. AO Citibank is one of the first banks with foreign capital to enter the Russian market over 25 years ago. His clients have access to a wide range of wealth management services, including financial planning and building a long-term investment strategy.

- St-James Boutique is an ideal place for aesthetes who are attentive to details and unique design and value their own time and undeniable quality of products.

The multi-brand project St-James is aimed at those who appreciate a well-balanced style and absolute quality in men's clothing. The boutique concept implies an interest in things that are perfect in their perfection: pedantry and nobility of costume are the basis of our philosophy. Awareness of the intricacies of the formation of men's wardrobe determines the attitude to things. St-James considers meticulousness and precision to be the cornerstones of a men's wardrobe, whether it's dress or casual.

- L-Priority is a unique service of wine advisors from the Luding group, in which the manager simultaneously acts as an expert in his field and a personal assistant who thoroughly knows the client's collection and his personal preferences. You get a full range of services related to wine: from the formation, audit and replenishment of your personal collection to the organization of enogastronomic evenings and wine tours, private dinners with the world's top winemakers and sommeliers, the search and purchase of rare bottles from limited collections.

Also, special lots for lucky-testing were provided by:

- Wellness Club "Chistye Prudy", located in the historical center of Moscow on Chistye Prudy. This is a special world of beauty and health, with round-the-clock access, individual programs for improving the body and impeccable service.

- Affluence is the winner of the Spear's Russia Wealth Management Awards 2019 in the Concierge Service of the Year nomination.


Expert Lounge Cocktails - small club events for a select 30-50 people, members of the Club and their friends, take place about once or twice a month in our favorite Public Talk format with guest speakers and cover topics related to the overall concept of the Club "Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0".

Club project "Heirs of the XXI century. Version 3.0", which opened on April 22, 2019, consists of 10-12 events per year and is a closed community that brings together people with a conscious approach to building their own dynasty within the framework of the New Culture of Inheritance and the new generation of Inheritors in modern Russia.

The author of the idea and curator of the project is Mila Zhurova.

Event organizer - Mila Zhurova Concept Agency.


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