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An Open Forum talk with the only person in the world to hold
four Doctorates of Science, Alexey Sitnikov
The Club “Heirs of the 21st century. Version 3.0"
Venue: the Savoy restaurant.
On February 13, 2023, in the unique, historical Savoy restaurant (which turns 110 this year), located on the corner of the ancient Moscow streets of Rozhdestvenka and Pushechnaya, the Heirs of the 21st Century club celebrated its third anniversary. The event was held in the format of a Gala Evening, entitled "Time of Dynasties", which attracted over 150 guests.

The club opened on April 22, 2019, and since then 42 events have been held. Our partner companies are drawn from the luxury sector: Vacheron Constantan, Bvlgari, Citi Gold, Bentley, Baccarat, De Beers, Maserati, Kuznetsky by Lalique, IWC, private jet companies, international Family Offices, private banking enterprises, law firms and many others.

The philosophy of the club is to contribute to the revival of a family culture lost in the 20th century: To lay the foundations of your own Dynasty in order to create a legacy, and to preserve and pass on family values and traditions to subsequent generations.


The guest speaker of the evening was Alexey Sitnikov – Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), PhD, Professor. Certified NLP trainer, scientific director of the ICM of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, and a joint program of RANEPA and MIP. Winner of The World Young Business Achiever Award, author of the international crowdsourcing project, Karmalogic.

In the evening's entertainment program, every detail of the evening elegantly complemented the overall concept of the club's events. The festive entertainment set included a performance by the Concordia string quartet, from the Vladimir Spivakov National Philharmonic Orchestra, along with their young students. This clearly demonstrated musical continuity between generations. A jazzy mood was created by the bright, charismatic, and incredibly talented, Alla Reed.

The event's partners were:

Sovcombank – a universal private bank, and one of the top 10 largest banks in Russia. In 2019, Sovcombank created a separate business line for working with wealthy clients: Sovcombank Wealth Management (Sovcombank WM), which provides Prime, Private and Ultra clients with a full package of products, ranging from banking services to individual investment consulting. Sovcombank WM also offers products that are relevant during times of economic uncertainty: precious metals, diamonds, savings and investment, life insurance, and trust management strategies. Each Sovcombank WM client can receive tax and legal advice. This business line is headed by the Managing Director Ekaterina Seredinskaya. Sovcombank WM have offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Kazan.

A new medical spa has been opened within the Chistye Prudy wellness facility – The RODINA Health and Longevity Club.

Combining the best principles of preventive medicine, spa treatments, utilisation of the latest technologies, plus a bespoke approach tailored to each guest, there is now the real possibility to make healthy longevity a reality. The club's ethos is an integrated approach to health improvement, aimed at reducing biological age, increasing the body's physical capabilities, preventing diseases and strengthening the immune system by combining healthy eating, training, detox, anti-age therapy and beauty treatments. This new club comprises 8 rooms – all equipped with the most modern medical, spa and cosmetic treatment equipment, with more than 20 innovative devices, 150 novel wellness services, plus the more familiar swimming pool, bathhouse, hammam, gym and sports halls, all located in the historical heart of Moscow. A wellness program is now included in every type of club membership and will help you, the guest, to take a conscious approach to your health.

Palekh Watch is a watch manufactory of international renown, aimed at raising the profile of traditional Russian art on the world market. Palekh is an historical form of Russian decorative painting, which originated in the 17th century in the village of Palekh.

Premium handmade watches with Palekh decorative painting. Each piece is a hand-crafted miracle, set with flawless Swiss or Japanese watch movements. Each watch is created is unique, individually registered, certified, and issued with quality and warranty service guarantees. Palekh Watch watches are miniature works of art in their own right. The high level of personalisation and customisation of each individual Palekh watch enhances the uniqueness of the brand.

The Vladimir Novikov Center for Personal Dentistry – premium dentistry for adults and children. The expert-level clinic operates in three main areas: dentistry, osteopathy and rehabilitation.

MAKE SENSE GROUP is a universal communications agency that specialises in the art economy. Its expertise lies in its synergy of strategic communications and education, with a focus on creativity, aesthetics and digital trends. It was voted "Company of the Year", as part of the Digital Leaders 2022 award.

MOLECULE project is a unique project created together with leading manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics from around the world. This is a place where more than 60 brands of signature fragrances, care and makeup products can be found, including: Aesop, Byredo, Creed, diptyque, Memo Paris, Molton Brown, Roja Parfums, Vilhelm Parfumerie, plus many others.

The Aroma of Home company is the exclusive representative of the Italian brand Danhera Italy, which creates luxurious collections of fragrances for open spaces, as well as eco-cosmetics for home, linen and body care. The brand draws on Italian perfumery traditions and many years of research experience, turning fragrances and care products into luxury items, which is what makes the products truly unique and reputable. @aromat_doma

The world-famous brand, and number one in France for premium cosmetics: Guinot – for exclusive rejuvenation gifts. @guinot_russia @guinot_centr

Onegin is a regular partner of the club, who throughout the evening treated guests to a selection of very fine, sophisticated and delicious cocktails based on Onegin vodka as a main ingredient in its recipes.


Club "Heirs of the XXI Century. Version 3.0" which launched on April 22, 2019, is Russia's first private club that helps create dynasties.

The author of the idea and curator of the project is Mila Zhurova.

The organizer of the event is the Mila Zhurova Concept Agency.