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Main trends and capital preservation strategies in 2023.
Real estate and finance
Open Forum discussion with leading market experts
Venue: The Kelia business lounge on Vozdvizhenka
On February 2, 2023, at the Kelia business lounge on Vozdvizhenka, the club "Heirs of the 21st Century, Version 3.0" opened the financial year with a topic that was causing a controversial stir, but which also certainly attracted maximum interest from the club's business community.

The partners of this event were Whitewill and Leon Family Office, whose experts shared their analytics and research on the latest trends in preserving capital in 2023.

Times of uncertainty leave their mark, and that evening there were slightly more questions than answers. However, the experts' presentations gave each guest the opportunity to look at their own strategies from an objective perspective.

As a part of the event, each guest received expert advice in four areas; real estate, legal issues, investment strategies, and money management, all of which helped move from discussing general issues to solving individual problems for each club member.

Our partner on the real estate topic was Whitewill – an expert agency in the luxury real estate market since 2016. The agency founder is Oleg Torbosov, a well-known entrepreneur who began his business career by founding the credit broker "Financial Partners", as well as the online personnel assessment service "Hrscanner".

The company has offices in Moscow, Dubai, and London. Its team consists of 385 professionals.

Whitewill twice won the European Property Awards competition, under the category "Best Real Estate Agency", in 2018 and 2020. Their sales volume at the end of 2021 = 55 billion rubles, and at the end of 2022 = over 100 billion rubles.

At the event, The Leon Family Office company provided information and advice on investment strategies – aimed at helping clients increase their capital and relieving them of anxiety about its protection and security. Their team has over 20 years of expertise in investment and international law.

Leon Family Office is an international network of independent companies with over 30 professionals. All companies under the Leon Family Office brand provide professional services and use shared resources, knowledge and experience.

LEON Family Office operates as a single centre for managing family welfare.

Additional partners of the event were:

· The Vladimir Novikov Centre of Personal Dentistry – premium dentistry for adults and children. The expert-level clinic operates in three main areas: dentistry, osteopathy and rehabilitation.

· The Fortwine company, who provided exclusive premium drinks for the evening: Merchant cask whiskey Blackadder, 61.8% alcohol – a limited edition of only 230 bottles world-wide, Martin Millers – one of the finest and smoothest gins in the world, which is equally quaffable either with or without tonic, plus a very pleasant, sweet, Danish rum; AHRiise Danish Navy, which also went down well with the guests during the evening.